Southsides and Minibar

Last night me and James had dinner at his. I brought a shaker so we could make cocktails too! It’s really easy to make simple but delicious drinks at home if you just have some bar tools. We bought gin, lemons, elderflower syrup, mint and ice. And voila, you have an Elderflower Southside! I served it over ice since James didn’t have any cocktail gasses (coupettes) :)

Elderflower Southside
40ml gin
20ml lemon juice
10ml elderflower syrup
* 4 – 8 mint leaves
* hard shake on ice
* double strain over cocktail glass OR
* double strain over tumbler with ice

Even though I enjoy making my own syrups, sometimes it’s just nice and convenient to buy a ready made one, like this time.

So we made a couscous salad, sweet potato puré and fried tofu. Yummy and quick. Same goes for the drinks.
We had some prosecco over, so we topped our cocktails with it the second round after drinking half of it. Sparkling wine + gin + sour (lemon and sugar) = pleasure! the mint and elderflower gave it a nice fresh touch.




Shaking away in my Åska sweater by Sara Lego Kanerva




DSC_0137 (kopia)
Do your self a favour and by a shaker. Or wish one for your birthday or christmas! The boys at Cask & Co really knows bar equipment so check out their website
There you’ll find everything you need for a home-bar set up! If you’re in Stockholm pay them a visit at Kammakargatan 42. There is their office and they open a concept store next to it next week!! You must go there. You’ll find a really though out range of good quality bar equipment. They’re super professional, and nice! :)
Later on we went to Minibar in Kreuzberg. A tiny place with a capacity of maximum like 25 people. Entering the venue the bar is on the left hand side taking up approximately 60 % of the rooms’ surface. There are bar stools but no other tables so you stand if you’re not lucky enough to get a seat. Behind the bar there is another room half the  size of the first room, with a sofa at the left and a low table. At the right hand side was a high table with two bar stools. All seats we’re taken so we stood by the high table sipping our well made Gimlets and in on our second round we we’re oblivious to the crowdedness and just had such a good time. The bartender was very helpful and calm. It seemed like a place where you go to enjoy good cocktails and good conversation. The atmosphere was really relaxed despite the amount of people in this small, dimmed, red-lighted place.
I will definitely go back!
I’m so happy I found out James a cocktail lover like me!
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