Organic Smoothday – Green

Being a bartender and working most weekends Sunday is basically my Saturday and Tuesday my Monday so to speak.. And today is Tuesday and I’m back to work. I don’t work service at the moment since the decision to move to Berlin was indeed a spontaneous one and I’m currently enjoying the city and the organisation of my stay here. But nevertheless it’s time to get some work done today and I figured I’d kick start with a healthy smoothie breakfast / lunch.
Chia seeds
Almond milk
Everything here is organic <3

Everything here is organic <3

I went to the Bio Company on Boxhagnerstrasse to get some fresh organic ingredients and since I feel I have a cold coming up I wanted to make a healty green smoothie today. Garlic, ginger, lime, chia seeds are some super ingredients to fight a cold and I also got basil, bananas, avocado, apple and almond milk. Ice I had at home. Always have ice at home, it’s so important if you care about what you drink and the taste of it.
Everything goes in the blender, it’s up to you how much of everything according to your taste. Be careful with the garlic though, since it’s fresh it has a really stingy taste with a bitterness to it and you don’t wanna use to much. And make sure it’s not old (!) then it’ll taste horrible.
More ice !! And basil, I figured

More ice !! And basil, I figured

I won’t even try to describe the relationship between a bartender and ice.. But we basically love it 😉 I’ll explain it more further in a separate post dedicated to ice.

Ready for some seriousness and important stuff ...

Ready for some seriousness and important stuff …

Cool, this was really tasty and if you’re making your own health smoothies don’t forget to observe the changes in your body after drinking it. What happens? How do you react to it? It’s for me crucial to listen to how my body respond to what I eat and drink, whether it’s healthy or not 😉 in order for me to understand my needs and experience pleasure through it.

With these words I wish you a nice week ! Hope it started as good as mine. And if not, you’ll turn it around if you want to :)

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