Our/Berlin Vodka – a visit to the distillery

”It’s like a family thing, Our thing”

A couple of weeks ago I visited Our/Berlin Vodka distillery in Treptow to meet Fabian Dieker and get a glimpse of their business and vodka production. He thinks the best thing about the company is the over all vibe of the brand. It’s urban and open minded. ”Like a family thing, Our thing” 😉

Our Vodka by our Berlin is the first micro distillery in a series based on local vodka production featuring different cities around the world. Fabian explained that the basic recipe is the same and what changes is the raw goods used depending on what each city/country has to offer.

It’s a basically like a ’black operation’ business under the umbrella of Pernod Richard (who also owns Absolut Vodka since 2008) and the people behind it are six kinda fashion interested entrepreneurs from Stockholm who got the idea in 2011 and put it into action with Berlin as the starting point.

Check out ourvodka.com for more information about the business and their story.

1As far as the production goes, this is the basic overview:

✴︎ Our Vodka gets the wheat based ethanol at 98% from Münster in West Germany where the best wheat in the country grows. They dilute it down to 65% and store it in the two stainless steal 3000 litres tanks.

✴︎ The alcohols is transfered into the copper destillation apparatus where they then put:

❥ Ethanol – from Münster
❥ Water – filtered and demineralised at the distillery
❥ Aromatic fractions – produced by a special yeast culture, selected and patented for Our/Berlin

✴︎ The aromatic fractions is imported from Åhus Sweden where the production of Absolut Vodka is located. It’s what gives the slightly fruity note to the final product.

✴︎ In the copper apparatus the alcohol is continuously cycled up and down, and heated with steam, until the vapors are released and condensed and transfered through the pipes into three smaller tanks. This process is regulated manually so that first the ”head” is released and end up in the left tank followed by the ”body” that’s the good part and it’s stored in the slightly bigger tank in the middle, and at last the ”tail” is released and goes in the third tank on the right.

✴︎ Now the good has been separated from the bad. However the final touch needs to be made and that happens in a blender where alcohol content (37.5%) and taste is regulated to perfection.

✴︎ The final step is bottling the products and that is also made in the distillery, in the Swedish designed 350ml glass bottles that’s so characteristically for Our Vodka.

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Well to an extent one could compare this production with an alchemical process. Instead of transforming lead into gold, water is transformed to vodka. In alchemy the tree basic elements; wind, water and fire, plays an important roll. As well here, translated to wind-fementation, water-dilution and fire-destillation. Although alchemy as an esoteric art holds altogether different depths/forces with dimensions that are highly metaphysical and kinda spiritual, and derives from ancient teachings and philosophical reflections, alcohol production, or spirit creation if you like, has been used all over the world for at least 10000 years B.C. (where the first intentionally fermentation process been discovered) for humans to enter another realm of consciousness and inevitably extas, if used with responsibility and awareness, u know what I mean 😉

Oh and by the way, Fabian told me if you drink only Our Vodka a whole night without mixing it with other spirits, you don’t get a hang over! ”Challenge accepted” ! I’ll let u know the result later on.

Anyway, I’m generally fascinated and interested in the distilling process of all alcohol production. One day I wanna have my own distillery – then I’ll make good old ”fire water” or brännvin (burnt wine) as we say in Swedish, that I could infuse with different flowers and herbs and what have you :)




All the best,
Tina Shine.



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