Organic Smoothday – The Juice Company

Today for the Organic Smoothday I didn’t have time to make my own one since I spontaneously planned a trip to Barstuff with Matt this morning and in the afternoon I had an appointment with my osteopath. So I went to The Juice Company at Brunnenstraße 156 and had a quick Beet Colada smoothie that was not only super delicious but stunningly pink also! Apple, orange, beet root, pineapple, coconut milk and baobab (powder from an african ”super-fruit” that’s rich in calcium, magnesium, vitamin C and fiber)

The Juice Company is an amazing little juice and smoothie bar in Mitte that only uses 100% natural, fresh products. It opened in april last year and it’s run by Conny, a Swedish guy who earlier had a cafe in Helsingborg (I think he said, but I can be totally wrong..) and his partner Fernando! They we’re super friendly and I was exited to hear they’re looking into expanding their business and open the Juice Company at some other locations in Berlin in the near future!

They seem to have really nice food also – fresh and light, like the interior and ambience :) A perfect breakfast / lunch place I’d say!


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