Lucia, glögg and smoked salmon

Hey today it’s Lucia and I’m off to a concert now but first I wanna share this with you:

GLAD LUCIA! ✨ Before the Gregorian Calander was introduced in the 1500s, last night – the 13th of December, was the longest night of the year and supernatural powers occurred, which made the people join together to stay awake, to eat and drink together in the waiting of the one who would bring The Light (*hence the Lucivaka). She would come at dawn, with a crown of candles on her head and food in her hands, in the company of a few young girls and boys of the village. They would represent Hope. From then on the nights would be a little shorter for each day until midsummer and the light bringer (later called Lucia – Lux – Light) was inevitably the hope of light in this cold and dark time of the North.

This is an old tradition that we still celebrate. Although many don’t really know why. When I lived in Bedford, England in 2009/2010, and worked in a church there (St Andrews), I arranged a Lucia celebration where we did a concert (I translated some of the songs to English) we baked and drank glögg, and I had the Lucia linnen shipped over from Sweden and so on.. I did my research and I learned all about the pagan origins of this tradition. We had a festive at the 13th in Sweden already and then came the church and though they should make it a Christian festive instead, like they took over Christmas – earlier Yule. Ah well say what you like about that, but the church has always had great composers at its side, and undeniably beautiful songs were written in the namn of Lucia for Hope and Light. This is on of my favourite melodies ever:


IMG_6523 IMG_6527 IMG_6551IMG_6529 IMG_6533 IMG_6538My Glögg Potion: Glögg from Ikea, Belsazar Red (Vermouth), Bulleit Bourbon, orange bitter from The Bitter Truth green cardamom, chili, black pepper corn, cinnamon. Heat but don’t boil of course, we want the alcohol to remain in the potion 😉

Salmon and Vodka Mäckish: Mix salmon, mayo, creme fraiche, herb philly cheese, herb salt, ordinary salt, pepper, chili, lemon and vodka and stir it all together  in a bowl. Put it on a heated baguett and add red onion and some more salmon. I wanted dill but couldn’t find any. But dill would have made it even better!



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