Thai Style Cocktails

Oi mates !

Last week I presented 3 thai style cocktails for a potential 500 – 700 ppl bar gig at FluxBau, Berlin. It was between me and another bartender and they finally went with my component. Although, through this contact I got another, smaller, gig which I’m really excited to do! I’ll host a basic cocktail making workshop and mix some dranks at URBANARA POP UP SHOP here in Berlin on the 16TH OF DECEMBER for about 15 ppl. So if you’re here that date, pop by! More information (like time, price and location) tba! 

And btw, if you get a ‘no’ it doesn’t mean you failed unless you want it to mean that. For me it means ”well it wasn’t for me then”, ”something else is waiting around the corner” and I look at what I’ve learnt on the way. For this example: I had a lot of fun creating the recipes, I’ve gotten to know a new friend called Pablo who’s an outstanding bartender here in Berlin and whom I got some inspiration from, I’m now an expert on thai cocktails and I have some good stuff for my blog. And finally that I should probably listen more to Tony Comas‘ advice. Well, at least to his advice in this business anyway…

Here you go:










Thai Style


**Note that these are the glasses I had at home at the moment of creation, I would use highball for the Chrysanthemum, and tumbler for the Tom-Kah-Lins and Thai Style. Also, I didn’t have the cherries, galanga or thai basil at this moment (for the photos) but I tried it and the recipes should have it.

The cocktails:

Bulleit Bourbon
Belsazar red
Chrysanthemum iced tea (chrysanthemum, ceylon tea, orange blossom water, fresh lemon, my home made cinnamon grenadine)
Build with crushed ice
Garnish with krysantemum flowers and cinnamon rod
*Chrysantemum is a flower that origins from East Asia (China to be exact) but it grows in Thailand and in the northern regions there are massive cultivations that nowadays produce Chrysanthemum, but back in the days they were known to grow opium*
This cocktail is really refreshing with a komplex flavour of ice tea, cinnamon, orange blossom and of course chrysanthemum. A little sweetness, a little bitterness, a lot of deliciousness! Oh and Chrysanthemum is the flower of November, how perfect hey?
Tom Kah-Lins:
chili, galanga and lemongrass infused gin
Fresh limejuice
Fresh pinapple juice
Coconut/maraschino cream
Hard shake, strain over cube ice
Top with soda streamed coconut water
Garnish with lemongrass swirl and home made maraschino cherry
Have you ever had Tom Kah Gai? It’s Thailands renowned coconut soup and is served all over the globe. So what about a Tom Collins then? This classic gin sour cocktail is also served all over the globe and super tasty! I figured why don’t I merge these best sellers together in a fresh, somewhat spicy but at the same time smooth – Tom Kah-Lins?
Thai Style:
Fresh lime juice
Palmsugar and cardamon syrop
Hard shake with thai basil and double strain over cube ice
Top with Grapefruit Weisse
2 dashes of grapefruit bitter
Garnish with grapefruit sezt / dried grapefruit wheel
This elegant thai basil, grapefruit drink has vodka as a base, when you add some citrus, sweetener and cardamom to it, magic happens. But we’re not done here, I topped it with something I know for sure you will recognise; Schöfferhofer Grapefruit Weisse. Well, it’s synergy for sure.
Big thanks to Bianca and Opal Collective for pushing my creativity and putting me in contact with Urbanara.

Well now, shine on!

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