Twinpigs! Not twin peaks ;)

Check my style, check check check it out !

Twinpigs. Boddinstraße 57A (U7, Rathaus Neukölln)

Last night I met a friend in Neukölln and before we parted she told me about this nice cocktailbar around the corner and I just had to pop in before catching the train home.

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I was guided to Twinpigs! A bar owned by a duo (which is part Swedish apparently) that also owns Jigger Beaker & Glass in Friedrichshain. In Twinpigs the venue is spacious and very welcoming with odd sofas in victorian style, a modern site-built bench across from the wooden bardisk, and with more robust tables and chairs in the restaurant area. The ever so trendy naked light bulbs hangs from strings in the ceiling shining with dimmed light. The walls are of rough unpolished concrete except for the first one you see when you enter the room which is of slate with their basic selection written on it in a modern font, with no prices or too much information, which means you actually need to converse a bit with the staff in order to get what you want, and that’s a positive thing! They have hooks under their bardisk which is a plus! Can’t believe there are bars who doesn’t – that’s just stupid. What I missed was some green, like plants and flowers. It adds a secure and genuine ambience to any place really.
I was immediately greeted by a bartender who was curious to what I cared for. I wanted to check their drink list before I decided. They had a good selection of classic, well known cocktails and their own innovative creations. When I was ready to order his colleague Jennie took care of me in the nicest way. Together we figured out what to start with and she made me a classic Millionaire – sloe gin, Jamaican rum, apricot brandy, grenadine and fresh lemon juice – served in a chilled cocktail glass. Super tasty!
I enjoy going to bars alone, especially since I’m writing this blog, and because I work in bars and restaurants too, I feel comfortable and ‘at home’ almost everywhere I go in my own company, as long as the staff are friendly. They all were in Twinpigs. I even got introduced to one of the managers, Paulo, when I asked if I could take some pictures for my blog, which of course increased the welcoming feeling. As soon as I went back to my seat these two Aussie guys started talking to me and they were also very nice. One of them offered me to try the Gin Tonic Jennie just served him, made with locally (Neukölln) produced tonic syrup by ’Brown – a Berlin drink company’. I’m happy to say this was really good! Being like the only bartender in the world who doesn’t generally like tonic water, I was happily surprised to the taste of theirs.
After enjoying my Millionaire me and Jennie decided on what I should drink next. This time I got a Pepper Thyme Smash. Black pepper infused gin, lemon juice, thyme syrup and their home made tonic water(!) She asked me if I like spicy drinks, which I do, but I wasn’t really prepared for how spicy this one was gonna be. Well I got what I asked for I guess. The spiciness you get used to quickly though, and the flavours of thyme and tonic was still there all along. Although I didn’t get the characteristic gin flavour due to the strong pepper infusion. But hey, this was a real Pepper Thyme Smash! Super cool! Served in a tumbler with a well fitted single ice cube. Proper!
I can highly recommend this place if you’re looking for well crafted cocktails (not too pricy, approx. €8 – 9) friendly bartenders and good vibe in a generally cozy ambience. Over all, this feels like a bar you can meet people in since  the music isn’t too loud either, on weekdays anyway, so you can easily have a normal volume conversation. And I love to talk! :) I’ll definitely go back! Such a nice bar and crew!
Peace xx
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