Organic Smoothday – Yellow

It’s Tuesday and my Organic Smoothday. The sun has been shining and I feel light and optimistic. Since the colour yellow is generally connected with happiness and optimism I decided to go with a yellow smoothie this beautiful autumn day.

Chrysanthemum / lemongrass ice tea
Ground cardamom
Turmeric powder
Bourbon vanilla
A tea spoon agave syrup

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This one contains freshly squeezed orange, lemon and grapefruit,
ice tea made from dried chrysanthemum flowers and lemongrass, banana, pineapple, ginger, ground cardamom, turmeric powder, bourbon vanilla a tea spoon agave syrup and ice!


DSC_0084 (kopia)
Now time for some studying. I’m currently reading Harry Johnson’s Bartenders’ Manual. A real classic in the bartending world. It’s very informative but many times out dated (well the first edition was published in 1882), so keeping that in mind, it’s really interesting to read about Mr Johnsons contemporary views on everything regarding the industry. From how you properly attend a bar, to manage one or even opening your own to what is needed in a bar, equipment and spirit wise, and pretty much the original recipes on classic cocktails like a tom collins or a mint julep. Since I’m currently looking for a bar job in Berlin I especially appriciate his opinion on how you should behave at a job interview: ”A bartender inquiring for a position should be clean shaved, with clothes well-brushed, and shoes blacked; and should not speak to the proprietor with a cigar in his mouth, and neither should he spit on the floor, be chewing a tooth pick, use slang or profane language, or indulge in other bad habits. All his answers should be short and in a polite tone of language.” Now well job interviews for bartenders today might not inquire this kind of well grooming and over polite behaviour. Spitting on the floor might not be a good idea though 😉 But for example he goes on and recommend that if you’re a bartender looking for a position you should leave the bar immediately after the interview in order to not occupy the managers time more than necessary or to let anyone in the bar (if the meeting is held there) know what the business was about since it may come to someone being discharged from his/her position and you to replace him/her. Now this is good advice I believe. And he also reminds you that it’s wise to decide on hours, whether by day or night, salary, privileges, if meals are included or not, what is demanded of you and the rules and regulations of this particular working place. There’s a lot more to this book, I suggest you go get you own copy if you work in the industry or just happen to be very interested in it and the history of it.
Well, shine on !
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