Sweden’s best bartender 2016

Johan Evers – Ling Ling Bar Stockholm, founder at Hard Waters –  är Sveriges bästa bartender 2016 och åker till Miami för att tävla i the World Class finals!


Johan Evers – Ling Ling Bar Stockholm, founder at Hard Waters –  is Swedens’ best bartender 2016 and will compete in Miami for the World Class finals.


In this challenge you must prepare one “tray- service” cocktail (hot or cold) that appeals to all of the senses. Your cocktail must be prepared on a tray as if it were to be taken to a guest at a table in your Castle.

Your ‘tray’ can be anything, it could also be a box, a basket, a hollowed out book, a gramophone a suitcase, whatever you want to use.

You are allowed to bring any kind of props (smoking guns, atomizers, colour, texture, images, video, music, etc.) to help you create the atmosphere for your cocktail and any tools and glassware to really bring the service of your drink to life.

The scoring will also reflect how well you engage with each sensory element of sound, smell, touch, sight and taste.


Johans Contributions:
Coeval Springs
50ml Mortlach Rare Old
30ml Coffee & Violette macerated sweet vermouth
12,5ml Cherry Heering
2 dash Peychauds bitters
1 dash Angostura bitters
✴︎ Stir and lemon zest discard

For the second one visit tradermagn.us and klick on the post from 31st of May




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